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NexInteractive was founded by two technology visionaries, who have developed telephony platforms for several of the top 10 dialer CRM call center technology companies in the World. They are the original authors of “Prospector” a dialer telephony engine that’s in over 800 call centers worldwide. Inventors of the VOIP “PARAGON” Softphone, and Creators of the OIAPI a Tri-Tone number identifier.

NexInteractive holds two patents, one in our Softphone IP technology and the other in a speech recognition analytics process. Our recent release of the iNexus IP Media platform has proven to be the most Stable, Reliable, and Scalable system on the market today. It is the next generation G3 technology with unprecedented features.

Our commitment is to deliver the best of breed Call Center Software, hosting Inbound/Outbound calls with the ability to customize. We offer rapid deployment, and connect your virtual call center agents from anywhere in the World the same day. All you need is a PC, headset and broadband connection.


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