The Admin Tools

Completely web based, like our whole platform.
Imagine the possibilities: On the move supervisors and pop-up stations.

Monitoring, Silent Coaching and Barge-In


Smart phone compatible Dashboards


Easy WEB reporting & analytics.


Easy WEB import & exporting of leads


Lead Extractor: create lists on the fly from any existing call records.


Super Dashboards, align adjust as needed.


Quick global search of any call recording from a WEB link.


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Measure results in real-time. Get insights into campaign performance.

Accurately measuring and analyzing campaign performance is a fundamental part of good marketing. It lets you calibrate how you are doing, optimize your campaigns based on what's working and what isn't and improve future efforts after analyzing previous results.

A supervisor... on the go.

Monitoring, Silent Coaching and Barge-in

CSS IMPACT CX Customer Engagement Cloud offers three levels of one-on-one supervision that can be used from any platform, including tablets and smartphones, no matter where you are.


Listen to an agent without interfering. You'll be on mute while following the conversion.

Silent Coaching:

Listen to an agent and coach him. The customer can't listen to you, but the agent does. Good for sticky situations, training and quality control.


At any point you can intervene and take control of the conversation from the agent. You can even agree beforehand on Silent Coach mode and the agent can introduce you while staying on the line.