The Agent Desktop

Powerful tools with a very low learning curve.

Shotgun ACD: Agents can accept multiple calls on queued to their desktop (Blended inbound & outbound)


Call back manager


Multi-level voice conferencing


Hot swap screen transfer


Review call history logs with recordings


100 % call recording


Private preview list dialing


Direct Inbound Dialing


Voice Mail, Direct Number, PBX extension.


Global search function based on Keyword while on a call


Download the CSS IMPACT CX Customer Engagement Cloud Brochure


IMPACT CX Agent SuperScripter

Dynamic Scripting Makes a Difference!

Create clutter-free dynamic scripts that reduce agent training, connect to web services and integrate to CRMs. With SuperScripter your scripts are also completely dynamic, following the call flow and showing different scripts based on the answers input by the agent, like start and stop recording based on specific answer selections. Agents also have a "ready" button for rebuttals.



A Smart Call Extractor with human intuition

Picture this: Agent Alex just finished a call and is part of the team assigned to the CherryPicker today, where several inbound calls await. They're in order of arrival but Alex can quickly check the clients' info and extract a call based on profile, history or any other criteria.

Maybe it's a client calling to make a payment (thanks for letting us know IVR), or this customer who has already called twice for an unresolved problem, or maybe an important corporate client... we don't want to keep them waiting.

"Thank you for calling Mrs. Collins. Are you still having problems with the service? how can I help you?"

Yes, that's our CherryPicker feature. Powered by our CSS IMPACT CX Customer Engagement Cloud intelligent system and human intuition. It can't be better than that.