Solutions for the Collections Industry

Predictive Dialing

Dials from a list and connects answered dials to agents. Using statistical algorithms, the waiting time of agents between calls is minimized, as well as the chance of someone answering when no agent is available.

Text-to-Speech Message Broadcasting

Our advanced speech synthesis system converts any text into a spoken message. Essential to automate payment or contact reminders.

Silent Message Drop

Leave a message in the customer's voice mail without ringing their cell phone, ensuring current rules compliance. Just like our Cell Phone Scrubber in real-time: detecting & avoiding calls to cell phone numbers.

Manual & Cell Phone Dialing

Our Preview Dialer allows agents to make the most out of the first contact with debtors by reviewing important details beforehand and call multiple numbers from the same screen on the fly. You can also filter cell phones and dial them direct SIP call from a tandem PBX a TCPA compliance requirement.

Direct SMS Chat

Agents can initiate SMS text chats with customers on their cell phones or reply and have a dialog with people contacting a number via text message from a screen pop up.

Voice Analytics Ready & Call Recording Pause

With a user Interface that allows access to archived recordings on demand and by criteria, up to 10 years back. And with call recording pause, we can dynamically stop call recordings when the agent enters a credit card number, resuming right after intake of the number.

Vertical Dialer

Dials multiple numbers from a single record.

Dynamic ANI Display

Offers the ability to change what contacts see on their caller ID when they receive a phone call.

Integrate your Collections CRM

Our CSS IMPACT CX Customer Engagement Cloud platform is ready for integration with most major CRMs via API.

Download the CSS IMPACT CX Customer Engagement Cloud Brochure


Up to 2 million text-to-speech messages per hour

And that's in a single broadcast campaign. Stop imagining the possibilities, we make it possible now.



Get the word out quickly, and within minutes. You can choose to leave your message on an answering machine, a separate voice message when they pick up, or both.

Want to find out what is happening in the REAL world? What issues are of the most concern to the most people? And how do they feel about those issues? We tabulate poll results in real time, perfect for TV and radio stations!

Fast Track
Your constituents and prospects now have the ability to respond to your calls with the push of a button which is excellent for fundraisers pledges, collecting information, or talking with your constituents to get that vote for the next upcoming election.