Click & Talk

Click & Talk

A web user visiting your website can connect with an agent like in a phone call, but using their computer's mic and speakers. When the connection is made, the agent can also see the same website section or page the user is visiting.

Inbound Silent call SMS Text

Users can create a text message chat session with a contact center agent by just inputting the 1-800 number from their cellphones.

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Up to 2 million text-to-speech messages per hour

And that's in a single broadcast campaign. Stop imagining the possibilities, we make it possible now.



Get the word out quickly, and within minutes. You can choose to leave your message on an answering machine, a separate voice message when they pick up, or both.

Want to find out what is happening in the REAL world? What issues are of the most concern to the most people? And how do they feel about those issues? We tabulate poll results in real time, perfect for TV and radio stations!

Fast Track
Your constituents and prospects now have the ability to respond to your calls with the push of a button which is excellent for fundraisers pledges, collecting information, or talking with your constituents to get that vote for the next upcoming election.