Fulfillment: Customer Service

ACD & Skill Based Routing

Automatically & quickly route calls to the agent best suited to handle them based on inquiry type, number called and source of the call (using IVR, ACD and/or ANI data)

Dynamic screen page scripting

Clutter-free dynamic scripts that connect to web services and integrate to CRMs or database process. Your scripts will be completely dynamic, following the call flow and showing different prompts based on the answers input by the agent.

Text Message Broadcasting

Agents can send text messages with web links to customers' cell phones where they can click and be redirected to web form to complete a process or to get extra info.


Agents can initiate SMS text chats with customers on their cell phones or reply and have a dialog with people contacting a number via text message. Images and other rich media could be exchanged.


A customer can fill a form and send it via your website. It arrives via a pop-up screen to the agent or dynamically added to your database.

Instant CRM Record Retrieval

As soon as the call gets in, our Data Dip feature retrieves the client's info for immediate access based on his ANI.