Solutions for Healthcare

ACD & Skill based routing

Automatically & quickly route calls to the agent best suited to handle them based on inquiry type, number called and source of the call (using IVR, ACD and/or ANI data) based on qualifying State and language.

Multichannel Agent

Turn your contact center into a multichannel powerhouse, with agents being able to take calls, interact via text messages or chat with contacts. All from the same platform.

Manual & Grid Preview Dialing

Manual preview presents the agent with the customer information, a record to view before dialing.
Grid Preview, on the other hand, shows the agent a list of records or contacts, so the agent can choose or filter who to call.

Dynamic screen page scripting

Create clutter-free dynamic scripts that reduce agent training, connect to web services and integrate to CRMs. With SuperScripter your scripts are also completely dynamic, following the call flow and showing different scripts based on the answers input by the agent.

Email feature delivery

Pre-made info packages are put together tailored to customers needs and sent as tailored e-mail. E.g., info on a list of colleges based on student location preference or information on specific hotels based on vacation budget.

ANI based Routing

Transfers to agent’s extension based on caller's Automatic Number Identification using database retrieval.

Instant CRM Record Retrieval

As soon as the call gets in, our Data Dip feature retrieves the client's info for immediate access based on his ANI.

Text Message Broadcasting

Send an SMS to a group of contacts and let them answer with predetermined response actions or interact with an agent.

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Up to 2 million text-to-speech messages per hour

And that's in a single broadcast campaign. Stop imagining the possibilities, we make it possible now.



Get the word out quickly, and within minutes. You can choose to leave your message on an answering machine, a separate voice message when they pick up, or both.

Want to find out what is happening in the REAL world? What issues are of the most concern to the most people? And how do they feel about those issues? We tabulate poll results in real time, perfect for TV and radio stations!

Fast Track
Your constituents and prospects now have the ability to respond to your calls with the push of a button which is excellent for fundraisers pledges, collecting information, or talking with your constituents to get that vote for the next upcoming election.