Shotgun ACD:
Multi-call handling

A flag goes out to all or some agents, to accept a newly arrived call. Then agent can now queue it up on his desktop and toggle between calls or put one of them on hold.

ACD & Skill based routing

Automatically & quickly route calls to the agent best suited to handle them based on inquiry type, number called and source of the call (using IVR, ACD and/or ANI data)

ACD Last Call

Connects customers to the last agent they talked to, fostering trust and quality support.

CherryPicker: Call Queue Extractor

Assigned agents can use the CherryPicker feature to view calls in queue and answer priority clients with just one click.

Global search

Unscripted request? no problem. Quick answers are a keyword away.

ANI routing

Transfers to agent’s extension based on caller ANI using database retrieval.

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DataDip Lookup

As soon as the call gets in, DataDip brings the client's info for immediate access based on his ANI.