Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Let customers choose between self-service or speaking to an agent. Reduce costs per call, freeing agents while customers solve pay bills, get information on their accounts or request to be called back when an agent is free.

SMS Text Chat on Demand. Even on your 800 number

Agents can send or receive SMS and have a dialog from our platform to the contact's cell phone. Go figure! Users can even text an 800 number and have an agent reply. Millennial contacts love this.

Dynamic Email Delivery

Pre-made info packages are put together tailored to customers needs and sent as tailored e-mail. E.g., info on a list of colleges based on student location preference or information on specific hotels based on vacation budget.

Text Message Broadcasting

Send an SMS to a group of contacts and let them answer with predetermined response actions or interact with an agent.

Web Chat

Customers can start interactions, right from your web page, with an agent at your contact center.

Predictive Dialing

Dials from a list and connects answered calls to free agents. Using statistical algorithms, the waiting time of agents between calls is minimized, as well as the chance of someone answering when no agent is available.

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Call Transfer with Screen Hot Swap

Don't just transfer calls. Transfer information. With Screen Hot Swap an agent can also pass their current screen. Meaning that a form or CRM entry in the process of being filled can be finished by the agent receiving the transferred call. Save time, save resources, streamline your processes.