Political Contact Solutions

Fundraising Campaigns

Set up in minutes with demographic targeting. Transfer to a live representative or third party to make a contribution.

Call Survey with Demographic Targeting

Live or automated surveys based on demographic lists and using our SuperScripter tool.

Robo or Live Message Broadcast

Deliver custom recordings based upon contact with an answering machine or a person or based upon the time of day. Contact millions of numbers in minutes.

Public Opinion Polling

Identify and collect your voter's big-ticket topics and grow your database.

Real Time Results

No more waiting for someone to tabulate and put together a report for you. Your call data is available now on ANY device with a browser.

Demographical Analytics Reports

It's your data, so you can visualize it however you want. How many young voters, living in a specific area agree with a specific campaign proposal? You ask. Our reports immediately answer.

Download the CSS IMPACT CX Customer Engagement Cloud Brochure

"Customization" is the word

Your voters want to know you're addressing them and their concerns. Why use only one message for all? Our CSS IMPACT CX Customer Engagement Cloud platform allows you to customize the message to the voter's interests.

For example, according to your contact list on our CSS IMPACT CX Customer Engagement Cloud system, Mrs. Jones agrees with you on your education agenda, but not on your expanded security budget proposal. So, let's approach her with a tailored message for people on the same page when it comes to education.

The combinations are endless. We understand this. If you do, let us show you how we work.