$ 0  
  • Full version
  • Same day set-up
  • Support & training
$ 49.99 / month
Per License
  • No Contracts, go month to month
  • 1.2 cents/ min. outbound
  • 1.3 cents/ min. toll-free inbound
  • Same day set-up
  • 100 to 1 dial ratios
  • All the standard features and more
  • Unlimited user names (concurrent)
  • 100% call recording
  • SuperScripter
  • Agent & Admin Dashboards
$ 0 / month
Only pay for the minutes used
  • 1.2 cents/ min. "Press 1" transfer,
    FOTI message drops
  • 2 cents/ min. Text-To-Speech (TTS) broadcasting
  • Unlimited channel capacity

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Monthly Price

Vertical Dialer

Dynamic ANI

Progressive Dialing

Preview Dialing

Preview Grid dialing

Cell Phone Scrubber

Message Broadcasting

Text to speech

SMS Message Broadcasting

Campaign Lead Staging



ACD Skill base routing

ACD Last Call


Multi Call Handling

100% Call Recording

100% Call Recording Voice Analytics

100 % Failover Real Time

Agent page dynamic scripting

Agent page scripting

Agent page hot swap screen transfer

Agent direct SMS messaging

Monitoring Silent Coaching

SmartDevice Compatibility (Ipad, Android, Mac)

Voice Webrtc

Call Blending

API Integration

Monthly Price











Our contact center is really big. Can we get a custom plan?

Yes. We already offer the best price in the market but you might qualify for an even better deal based on your size and volume.


We need a specific customization, can you guys make it work?

Sure. Our system is loaded with really advanced features and is also built in a way that allows custom features tailored to very specific needs.